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Sofie Mariwan

Photographer:                      Alexander Andersen      @olexpro
Stylist:                                    Eliza Georgieva               @elizageorgieva
Makeup and hair artist:       Katja Krarup Andersen  @ekaterinaandersen
Model:                                    Sofie Mariwan                 @sofiemariwan for @LeManagement



Karlie Kloss apologizes for Vogue photo shoot faux pas

Karlie Kloss is under fire for cultural appropriation again, and the fashion model has taken to Twitter to apologize.

The 24-year-old fashion model was featured in the latest issue of Vogue dressed as a traditional Japanese geisha, with a patterned robe and black wig, posing alongside a sumo wrestler. Her family heritage is Danish and German.

Social media users were unimpressed with both Vogue for producing and Kloss for participating in a shoot aping an unfamiliar culture.