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What Sisterhood Means To You

Sisterhood is magical. And we don’t just mean biological sisterhood, either. No matter what form it takes shape in—whether between best friends, stepsiblings, half-sisters, or entire girl gangs—female friendship and support is one of the most powerful things on earth. Its strength can be found in history books when examining women’s rights movements and the suffragettes, united in sisterhoods advocating empowerment and equality, that made them happen. It can be found on social media when hashtags like #FreeKesha and #BlackGirlMagic go viral, proving that women across the globe have one another’s backs. And on a daily basis, it can be found when sisters—whether they share DNA or not—stand up for, encourage, embrace, and embolden one another to be the best they can be out of sheer love. Indeed, sisterhood is pure magic.

For this round of our Lit Club writing contest, we want you to examine sisterhood—however you personally define it—and tell us what makes it so exceptional. Why is sisterhood so important to foster, especially in light of the current political climate? Has a sisterhood you’re a part of changed your life or the lives of those around you in a major way? What do you think our culture is lacking in regard to sisterhood? How do you hope to support, encourage, and take part in meaningful sisterhoods moving forward?

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